Monday, June 10, 2013

On a personal note

[Update 6/11/13: I was informed that the info I received last night was incorrect and that the camp closures below are only temporary for the repair of damage caused during the fires. They should reopen in a few months]

I just received news that, after being evacuated due to the Powerhouse fire, the two probation camps at which I have been ministering for the last eight years will likely be closing, with the populations consolidated at another facility. The closure likely has less to do with the fire than with budget and staff issues--the evacuation just provided a convenient moment to make it happen.

Of course, I know the chaplain at the facility to which the boys will be sent and I'll be in contact to offer up my services if he requires them. But, there is a sadness that the place where I first found my vocation as a preacher will now be only a memory...but life goes on.

On a different note: this blog has now reached its own milestone. I have had both my first supportive commenter and my first capital-letter-using-anonymous-troll commenter. That means that this place is officially open for business!


  1. What about me? Not quite supportive, completely not anonymous! :)

    1. Bill, you have just filled in the missing middle portion of the commenter spectrum. Intelligent yet challenging non-trolls are always welcome, especially when they are family.