Sunday, August 4, 2013

And now for something completely different!

Interesting in a Monty Python-esque way:

Pontius Pilate, King Herod and others may face trial at The Hague.
Dola Indidis, a Kenyan lawyer who is former spokesman for Kenya’s Judiciary, has built his case on facts which you already know:  that Jesus’ trial before Pontius Pilate was invalid, because it was “conducted in a manner contrary to a fair trial.”   Indidis hopes to persuade the ICJ to issue a declaratory judgment that the trial judgment and sentence entered were badly done, and were therefore null and void.
Indidis apparently brought his case to the Hague after the High Court in his native Kenya (wisely) decided that it had no jurisdiction in such a matter.

My take: I think that the whole Resurrection thing served to appropriately vindicate Jesus by clearly giving the Father's judgement on the matter. I'm not sure that the Hague has much it can add to that...

"Undeniably great is the mystery of devotion, Who was manifested in the flesh, vindicated in the spirit, seen by angels, proclaimed to the Gentiles, believed in throughout the world, taken up in glory." (1 Tim 3:16)

"Because of his anguish he shall see the light;
because of his knowledge he shall be content;
My servant, the just one, shall justify the many,
their iniquity he shall bear.

Therefore I will give him his portion among the many,
and he shall divide the spoils with the mighty,
Because he surrendered himself to death,
was counted among the transgressors,
Bore the sins of many,
and interceded for the transgressors."
(Isaiah 53:11-12)

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