FAQ - This Site and Its Author

Why did you create this site?

The Church asks all of us to live our faith in the public square--to be evangelists. More recently, the Church has been encouraging Catholics to bring the faith into the cyber domain through use of the new means of social communications at our disposal (blogs, social media sites, etc). As a deacon who was ordained to be a 'herald of the Gospel', it made sense to me that I should live by example and make my own foray into social media. 

Is this an 'official' Catholic site?

I am officially a Catholic (and officially a Catholic minister), but this is a personal site maintained by me and reflecting my views and opinions. I have taken a oath to be faithful to the Church and her teachings, so I try my very best to do that in everything I say and do both online and in the 'real world'. That being said, however, I am a fallible human being and sheer practicality prevents this site (and the thousands of other Catholic social media sites) from being reviewed by the Church for any kind of official endorsement.

What is a deacon, anyway?

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has an excellent FAQ on deacons.

But are you a 'real' minister?

By the grace of our baptism, all of us are called to be real ministers--to bring the Gospel message of Jesus Christ to the world and to glorify the Lord with our lives. Many Catholics, ordained or not, are 'real ministers' and really bringing people to Christ through their words and actions both in formal ministry settings and in the everyday events of their lives.

If you really mean: "are you an ordained minister", then the answer is yes. I was ordained by the laying on of hands of the Archbishop of Los Angeles in order to serve the Church by assisting him with pastoral ministry. We deacons preach, teach, baptize, perform weddings, etc. We also reach out in the Church's name to the poor and the marginalized, bringing the love of Jesus into the back alleys, prison cells, hospital rooms and, yes...even the internet.

But you're married?

Yes. I am happily married and have been for over 15 years. I also have four wonderful children and I am proud to be their father. While married men are not (in the Latin rite of the Catholic Church) admitted to ordination as priests, we are permitted to be ordained as deacons. Being both married and ordained can be complicated, but my family is the ground and support of my ministry--and they give me a different perspective than I would have as a single man. I take that perspective with me in everything that I do.

Are you a full time deacon?

Being a deacon is my vocation and it is something that I am 24 hours a day 7 days a week, no matter where I am or what I am doing. It is not, however, my occupation. While a few deacons are employed full time by the Church to perform various jobs, I (like most of my brother deacons) have a secular career. For me, that career is as a federal civil servant supporting our men and women in uniform. I also teach a couple of classes at the local community college in my spare time.